Donna Carmela

Master bedroom - Named after the family's eldest daughter, Carmela, a cultured and enlightened woman and teacher of Latin and Greek.

It is the most eclectic room in the villa. The high star-shaped ceilings, typical of this part of Italy, and the view of the small villa make the room bright and seductive.The illuminations, the late 19th-century curtains, hand-embroidered by local women of the last century, the cubes and chianche (bricks) made of Lecce stone, on whose facades the landlord's poems are engraved, perfectly contextualise the land in which we find ourselves.At the entrance to the bathroom, the ancient sink from the end of the 18th century, also made of Lecce stone, visible through the glass door, becomes the protagonist of the Carmela Room.


Smart TV



Coat rack

Air conditioning

Iron on request



Flat screen TV